What is your appointment policy?

We accomodate walk-in appointments where we can but it is highly recommended to book an appointment in advance to avoid disapoint on an occassion where we unable to do so and to ensure that there is a fitting room availble as well as 1:1 personal service and guidance. 

How long is an appointment?

It depends whether it is your first appointment as these can take longer due to trying different styles and finding what you like the most. 

We usually set aside an 1-2 hours for bridal appointments.

Prom & bridesmaids appointments are up to an hour long. 

Can I bring guests to my appointment?

Of course! It is lovely having friends and family to share this special experience with you. We would advise that a smaller group is usually best on a first appointment however we can accomodate larger groups when needbe.

What are the price ranges of your dresses?

Our bridal gowns vary from £300 - £3000 depending on designers, styles, embellishments, discontinued lines etc.

The bridesmaids multiway dresses are between £80 - £130. 

Our orderable prom & occasionwear dresses range from £150 - £600 depending on designs. Our discontinued & one-off dresses start from £50 - £300.

What sizes do you stock?

We have a variety of sizes in our shop to try on and we can assess what may need to be alterered using clips at your appointment if too big or small. 

We have orderable bridal gowns that are available in sizes 4 - 38. Orderable  dresses for prom & special occassions are available in sizes 0-30.  

When ordering a dress, we take your measurements & check our supplier size charts so that it is the best fit for each individual.

Do I need to bring shoes?

It is necessary however if you already have the shoes you'd like to wear on the day you can bring them along to your appointment. Do not worry if you haven't decided on shoes yet either.

Can I wear make up to my appointment?

We want you to feel yuor most comfortable at your appointment so of course you can. If you have make up on we just ask that you are  careful when trying our dresses on.

What underwear should I wear?

The underwear you are planning to wear on the day as this can alter the fit of a dress.

Most dresses in our boutique are best worn without a bra due to the support and structure that they are made with. Styles often have cut out areas and low backs for example where they are also not suitable.

Shapewear is often not needed either as it can sometimes show in places, be restrictive or feel uncomfortable - our dresses should hold you with your normal underwear. 

Do you offer alterations for the dresses?

We have seamstress called Stacey that we trust and highly recommmend - she has a home studio not far from the shop where she can provide alterations to ensure the perfect fit. 

A 1st fitting is usually scheduled around 2 months before the wedding with your chosen seamstress to determine the specific alterations then a further fitting to check everything closer to the big day.  

Are alterations included in the price of the dress?

Alterations are not included as they vary for each person and their individual needs. We have a price guideline in store and then Stacey or your chosen seamstress will agree the cost of what you decide with them. 

Can you store my dress for me?

Yes. We can store your dress for £5 a month. 

Where can I park?

We'd recommend using the parking facilities at Cabot Circus or The Galleries. We are a short walk from both places.